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Take an armchair tour of Italy … learn about its history, culture, and food … read fascinating facts about Italy, Italians, and Italian-Americans … visit some of the most incredibly beautiful places in the world.

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Topics from Past Issues


Giuseppe Garibaldi

Garibaldi was offered a position as major general in the Union Army.


Italian American Heritage

October is Italian American Heritage Month.



Known for its trabocchi, fishing huts extending from the rocky coast into the sea.


Theatre of Pompey

It was in the curia, in 44 B.C., that Julius Caesar was stabbed to death.


Home Cooked Meals

For those who prefer the comfortable atmosphere of home, Italy offers meals prepared by home cooks.


The Mona Lisa

Florence and the Italian Culture Ministry request the Mona Lisa return to Italy in 2013.


Tropea (Region of Calabria)

Picturesque church, Santa Maria dell’Isola, sits on a small craggily hill, jutting out from the shoreline.


Civita di Bagnorego (Region of Lazio)

Hilltop city a walk across the bridge.


Italy’s Cultural Significance

The country with the most World Heritage Sites.